Frequently Asked Questions

1How does myCANx app work?
Users request service from the client app, and a certified mobile mechanic or auto technician, nearest to the destination, will arrive onsite.
2How do I pay for service?
Users add their preferred card or bank information in their account during registration or signup. All service transactions are done via Stripe, and are electronically processed. There’s no cash, checks, or outside payment sources to deal with.
3What services are offered by myCANx?
We offer general services as seen in the client app, and custom services may be bid on or requested. We do not send clients to any third party (local auto shop, dealership vendor, etc), unless that third party is a direct partner or has finalized the service request directly with the client.
4Do I need to pick up or drop off my vehicle?
No. MyCANx is an end-to-end solution for all of your vehicle maintenance. Our mobile mechanics meet clients at their door. Once service is completed, clients are notified and can drive off.
5Is there a warranty for services?
Yes. All services rendered by myCANx are covered under a 12,000 mileage or 12-month warranty, whichever occurs first. Our limited warranty covers faulty parts or technician error, via our dispute resolution.
6How can I refer myCANx to someone?
Go to settings in the app, and select the last option to “refer a friend.” Users may choose to text, email, or forward the referral link to whomever they desire. Our referrals also come with an earning bonus.
7Who do I contact for more information, press, careers, etc?
Please email us at, or leave us a message under “contact us” through our website,
8How do I sign up to be a mechanic with myCANx?
You may download the app and enroll, or sign up and be enrolled via our website at
9I’m having technical difficulties, and/or need further assistance using the app. Who do I contact?
Please email us at
10I need an enterprise solution. I am a fleet owner, other business party, corporation, dealership, or other auto vendor, who can I contact for more information?
Please email us at, or leave us a message under “Sign Up” via our website at You may also wish to call (310) 526-2280, and leave us a message about your inquiry. We will be in touch shortly!
11How do mechanics get paid?
All earnings or payments are available via instant pay, or would be automatically sent to the mechanic’s bank account listed in their profile at the end of every week.
12Are your mechanics certified and what is the vetting process for new mechanics?
We take great pride in building community and working with the very best in the industry. Our mobile mechanics and auto technicians are experienced, and go through regulations and training in their field to maintain their certifications. We also use a third party as normal protocol to conduct background checks, in order to further ensure safety, trust, and value are honored at every level of service.
13What is your website?
Please visit us at
14What is your phone number?
Please call us at (310) 526-2280.
15What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?
Please review these documents in the app, or via our website at
16What vehicles do you work on?
Our mobile mechanics can operate on any vehicle with wheels! If you’re unsure, please call us at (310) 526-2280, or email us at
17Does myCANx provide services for the aviation or trucking industry, besides auto or vehicle maintenance services?
We may potentially offer services here, feel free to call us at (310) 526-2280, or email us at, to discuss further.
18How old do I have to be to use myCANx services?
Typically, you’d have to be at least 16 years of age. If you have earned your driver’s license, and can fully and legally operate a vehicle, you are able to use myCANx at your discretion and at will. Minors are considered to be persons under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor, and have other questions regarding myCANx services or client usage, feel free to email us at, for more info.
19How do I pay for my vehicle services?
All payments are handled through Stripe via our App. No payment will be taken out of the customer's account until completion of services is confirmed.
20What happens if the mechanic discovers extra repair is needed?
The mechanic will have to report the additional repair needed to myCANx. The estimate for the additional repair would be sent to you (the vehicle owner) for approval. Additional work would be solely based upon your prior consent and approval. myCANx will provide all necessary notifications or facilitate all communications for services on our platform.
21How does mechanic get parts?
MyCANx is currently working with a major retailer, so that our mechanics could create a rewards account and purchase discounted parts directly for their work sessions.
22Can I supply my own parts?
We allow customers to provide their own parts, if they so wish. Our warranty does not cover parts supplied by customer.
23How does myCANx work?
When you book service appointments with myCANx, you pick a convenient date and time for the car service/repair and specify a preferred location for the work to be performed, which could be your home or work location. We will send a fully qualified mechanic directly to your preferred location and complete the work. It's never been easier to get your car serviced or fixed.
24How can you fix my car in my driveway?
Believe it or not, up to 90% of car services and minor repairs can be done outside of an auto shop, with handheld tools or equipment that can fit into regular-sized vehicles. So, unless you're thinking of getting your entire engine replaced, we should be able to service or fix your car at your preferred location!
25How qualified are your mechanics?
Our mechanics are fully qualified and fully trained, are either ASE or MSE certified, and most have a minimum of 3 years of work experience and are able to service most vehicle makes and models. MyCANx instantly identifies your vehicle through our unique databases, using your VIN number.
26How does payment work?
No payment is charged or collected at the time of booking. However, we securely request your payment details at the time of booking to enable us to seamlessly process payment once your car has been serviced or repaired by one of our mechanics.
27How does cancellation of services work?
Customers can cancel already booked appointment's within 24 hours of scheduled service. For cancellation of service after the designated timeframe, myCANx can only issue a refund of up to 50% of the total payment. No payment will be taken out of the customer's account until completion of services is confirmed.
28What if I don't know what the issue with my car is? Which repair type should I select?
In cases where your vehicle's issues or diagnosis are unknown to you or are unavailable, you can choose to book a diagnostic service where you can describe your issue in more detail during the booking process, all in our mobile app. Our mechanics will conduct a thorough diagnostic on your vehicle to identify the issue and will present you with an obligation-free estimate to repair your vehicle once the issue has been identified. If you decide to proceed with the repair, we will arrange for our mechanic to complete the repair for your vehicle.
29What vehicles do you service?
All passenger cars, 4WDs, light trucks, RV's, etc. We can service cars irrespective of how they're powered - diesel, petrol and LPG/electric or hybrid.
30What are your operating hours?
We are running 24x7.
31Do you do home pick-up?
myCANx does not offer towing services. However, we can arrange something for you. Let us know if you need more assistance. Just ask!
32What is a Mobile Mechanic?
A Mobile Mechanic will normally come to your house, roadside or place of work with the parts, and the tools, they need to fix or service your car then and there. Our team of mobile mechanics will meet you at your door!

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